wElCoMe 2 mHy bLoGgEr!!!!

hAi. dAiS bEh mAh pAyGe. i hOpE u aLl lYk aIt. cUz' u kNoW wAt!???? i lYk yOu!!!!:) hEhEhEhE.....:))=)) hAr hAr....

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Friday, November 24, 2006

Sampler Lil Konami

lololol.... thanks to lil konami whu made dis. *mUwAh*

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006

truth is sincere

wen i woke up one morning i said to maself how can i fall inlove with a girl such as urself this wasnt part of the plan u and i holding hands wel i gues im satisfied with my newfound romance wen wer together it couldnt get any betteras my feelings grow within girl it just gets deeper i hope it stays forever baby girl u and i no matter wat d situation is for u i will try
everytym i look at d stars everytym i look at d sky i always ask maself why
chorus: girl u r d one look into my life baby cant u c that ur the one for me ur d one i want never leave my side baby now i no that wer meant to be
one to three four u know my baby girl that i will never ask for more soo seize the day acros the memory lane coz my life without u will never be d same this aint no game coz ive been wishing and dreaming about u u know that i love u no lies baby thats the truth i hope u understand baby no nid to ask me why il be loving u forever until d day i die(rep chorus)
wenever u nid me il always be there the love that we share i will always take care il always remember d love that we have for each other the love u have for me forever i will treasure(rep chorus)
ohhh yehhh....ohhh ohhhh.....

"get away" (remix) - by sincere: solo produce by Carl aka M.Cee

"get away" (remix) - by sincere: solo produce by Carl aka M.Cee
[1st verse]from the start... you were in my heart... baby gurl why did we drift apart? I wish it was so simple... like wishing... upon a star... now did you know I loved you so... it's hard for me... to see you go everytime I look at you... everytime I talk to you... it feels like there's tomorrow
I hope this stays forever... gurl... you and I together in my dreams... it's always you... that... I try to picture and... I will always treasure... the times that we had you're the one who made me smile... in the times I was sad but now it's too bad... cuz I have to say good bye it's so hard for me to say this... when there's tears in my eyes but at least I tried... gurl... to show you how I feel believe me when I say... that my love for you is real
[2nd verse]baby gurl i'm missin you... baby gurl i'm luvin you... nowbaby gurl i'm trustin you... baby gurl you make me proud baby gurl never leave my side... I promise you... it's alright baby gurl you're the reason... cuz you changed my marowhole life... now take a chance... first romance... never let go... and hold my hand i'll treat you right... it's alright... cuz i'm a man... who understands I dream about your kiss... coz you're the one I can't resist you are always in my heart... and that's the ways it is [3rd verse]spending time with you gurl... it feels like heaven you're always in my thoughts like 24/7 everytime I see your smile... everytime you cheer me up... now everytime you make me laugh... everytime you make me sad... now you're the one I really want... you're the one I truly love... now you're the one to ease da pain you're the one im dreamin of I wanna hold you... kiss you girl... don't you have a clue the only words I wanna say to you is I LOVE YOU

hmmm.... wala talaga e....

hmmm,.... wala talaga ehh!!!! wla pa ung ano,.... ayaw pa e! yhung ano,.... ung.... sa blogger. di p ko makapag-post ng iba'ng videos d2 kac ayaw pa ng beta version. ano ba? kakainis na ha..??? o ano....? hmmm..... cge n nga, try ko n lang ulet mmya.;)

hindi ba maxyado'ng makapal toh? e2'ng mga letters na to? hindi yan.... hehehehehehe.:P cgurado ka ha? hehhehhehhehheh.

Ang landi mu!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

d big letters....

hah. well, check awt d big letters....;) haha.... i miss my tommy. tom, that is.

i can't post videos....

LoL, wat d heck mayne i can't post v*de*sx!!! that sux.... d beta version won't allow me. i think blogger haven't fiexed that yet. o well. ima be bacc later. pz.^^


hai. u guys wanna check awt ma friendster. here is my friendster. yall can add me if u want. heheh. na, i'm jk.


i can't post frum uchube coz' i just changed mynes to beta version. hmm,... haw and wat should i do? haw do i post frum utube to beta version ov blogger? anywai,.... i wanna post a video lol. hehehhe..... =P

Sunday, November 12, 2006

What Do You See?

hey. check this awt. this be cool mayne.=)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

lonelygirl15 confesses!


ei.... this be my old cell phone.;)
Time Machine-A Million and One Things To Do

i love time machine. (taym mashine, dat is.)
柴犬 Japanese midget Shiba

hehehe. a cute ng mga aso.=P
Barenaked Ladies - A Time For Reflection Part 2


Friday, November 10, 2006

Time Machine-A Million and One Things To Do

hey.... pretty cool stuff.:P

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Crystal Waters - Relax


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

tom is sooo phunky!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE U TOM!!!!!! i think u should know this by naw. don't worry..... b4 i die at least u did knew that eventho' that i was on ur site that i did loved u. bwahhhahha........ eniweis....... I really do love u Tom!^^ *wEnks*

wellz,.... lyk wa i said b4 i write in english sometyms so that other ppls can relate to me and understand me. i sometyms write in tagalog wen i am really lonely and i don't want other peeps to understand wat iam saying. it takes tym to write in english too man coz' i am more used to talking and speeking in my language-tagalog.^^ i talk in tagalog wenever man it's fun talking in tagalog coz' just coz'...........:)

i am not going to write anything s2pid anymore. just coz' i really don't want to. i wanna write something nice this tym. ok lata i have to do my thing naw. i really do not know what to write ryt naw. sorry man. i did listened to jaybus last night tho' u guys should check it awt. here's his site:
pretty cool stuff. i was listening to d his song "so horny". aiight pz later people.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

C-walk//SneaK OuT

this isss tooo muchhhhh nawwwww...........=P hehehhehehe...... jk=P

i don't wanna have sex..... i just wanna masturbate.....;)

"i don't wanna have sex.... i just wanna masturbate."

in these days u just don't know what's out there. eventho' i have had some experiences b4,... whether with ma bf, ma exes and/or exlovers...... nawadays i just can't give a f*ck anymore coz' i wud just rather be masturbating than to have sex..... kna' what i mean..?????? u just don't know what's out there anymore...... I am not married yet 'n i neva been bhut i'd rather just bust a nut mas2rbatin' than to have sex with some foo'. i can't deal wid dis anymo' na wat i mean..???? yadamean'?????

but i get horny sometyms yea' but i just really can't give a fuck anymore... sorry!!!!!!

ei yoooo,.... go chickout jayb.... lol..... yoooo..... it's some ill sh*t...........

./heh...... i just don't know what to write. i am sittin' here..... i don't have internet at home right naw coz' we aint paying d bills yet. *lol*...... ahhhhahhhahh....... Wat can a fool do...????? i am in d internet cafe........ (ma friends own it)........... i just can't deal wid dis anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!! ders too much ChAoS going on outside..... lols.......... i don't know what i did to deserve it. i don't deserve this kindof punishment man....................... i think i am cursed to have this problem. i hate to say this bhut................. na, nevermind.............. i'll write more later...... and d reason why i am writing in english ry naw iz cuz' just soooo that other peoples can relate to what i am saying.^^ write more later..............................(*o*)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Naruto-The Battle Begins

Naruto-The Battle Begins

House Of Pain - Jump Around

House of Pain - Jump Arround

^^ Lab U....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

wla lang..... ;)

oo nga ehhh.... matagal tagal na din aq di nakakapagsulat e. wla kacing tym... and hindi lang un. ayoko tlaga magsulat ng kahit ano. wla lang talaga ako sa mood altho' talaga'ng madami'ng scoop grabe sobra. hindi nman ako nananaginip e. nananaginip ba ako ng gicing? hindi diba???? basta ung nakikita ko at ung nakikita ko ay 22o at wala'ng halo'ng biro. nung madami'ng nagalit sakin s gunbound di nman biro un e. wala lang. pauso lang nila un. eniweis, di nila ako kilala in person kya for me.... wla lang....;)

i am happy kase naglvlup nnman ung gb ko which means na..... magiiba na din ung itchura ko lols. hehehehehhe.... duh.=)

o cge mmya n lang ulet. wla maicep na sasabihin e. okies. ty.:)

tungkol nga pla sa lovelife ko wala talaga. wala naman ako'ng bf for naw. i mean, ewan ko kung kami pa din ni kups. hehheheh.:) wla lang.... lam mo naman un.... para'ng kiti-kiti di mapalagay sa isa'ng tabi hehehehehe....:P
ahhhhhh..... madami aq'ng bf!!!!! sa 22o lang. ayaw ko lang aminin. madami. ksooooooo dko naman cla nakikita. puro txt lang kse hehhehehe=P at internet.:) hayyyy,............... ang gulo kac ni ano e. lam mo na. akala ko kami pa din ehhh. wla lang. pa-ibaiba ng icip un e. madami'ng babai. heheheh. as usal. ganyan talaga ang mga guys. *lols* di mawawalan ng babai yun. kse nga,.... mahilig tlaga sa babai un. hayzz..... ad3k na cguro un sa babai e. heheheheheh.=P hayzz sana nman ano matino pa din xya. hehhehehehehhe.....=P eniweis,...... q'ng cno ka man..... lab u!!!!!!!!:X kung mahal mko, mahal na din kita!!!!!!!! basta ba e ung pramis mo na,...... pag nagkita tayo na,...... tayo'ng dalawa lang.:P dapat wala ng is2rbo. iwanan mo na ang lahat wag lang ako.... lols......:D nakakatawa ba? OO NGA E! heheheh..... cguro nga. hayzz,..... pag-ibig nga nman. masama ba to? d ko lam e. basta pag nagmahal ka ng tao, tapos hindi ka naman nakakasaket it means na tama ung love na un.... pero kung nakakasakit na xya di na tama un.:D tehhheh. danun daw un e. d ko lam e.^_^ Sana nga mahal nya ako.:) hehehhehe...... matagal ko na din cya'ng hinahanap e. xyempre madami ako'ng mahal. pero at this tym,..... madami pa din ako'ng minamahal pwero...... meron ako'ng natitipuhan na isa'ng lalaki. grabi nman un. ang cute-cute nya.... pwero d ko lam e. hanggang d2 na lang ba orrr hanggang doon?????? ang swt nya grabe doon yata ako nadedevelope sa kanya. e haba'ng bc ung babe ko na isa,.... di dun naman ako sa babe ko na isa. hehehehhe.....:P danun lang nman un e. hayzz,...... cla jayzee and cla lee di pa nga pla nagpapakita. ewan ko kung baket. ayaw talaga nung mga un d2 sa amin e. ang lau kse ng navotas.:D sobra na to. kaya nga,..... kung taga makati din ako....... di na ako dadayo d2 no... lau ne2 e. ehhh tambay ng makati cla lee kya wla ako'ng laban sa mga pwends nila sa makati mas ok kaya dun. hehehhehehe.:D mahaba na cguro to. inaan2k na ako. mmya n lang ulet.

lata!!!!!!! pz uno1!!!!!!!!!
Advent Children Techno

hai.... this be cool.;)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mixed Emotions

Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman

100% pure love

wuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! new york, new yorkkkkk....!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Monday, September 25, 2006

Braille - Shades of Grey

uhmmm.... pretty cool stuff.:)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nobody's Watching Diet Coke & Mentos

lolololol. i just thought i want to share.=)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

dream.... dream on baby.....

e2 lang i-she-share ko na napaniginipan ko today my birthday september 10. gani2 ang nangyare sa panaginip ko. nagkita daw kami ni CanAsian a.k.a. F.o.B. sa canada. tapos non,.... hindi ko alam kung baket pwero nung nagkita daw kami d ko lam bakit ang sweet,sweet daw namin. ang hindi ko makalimutan nun ehhh hinalikan daw nya ako. naghalikan daw kami.... sa lips!!!!!!!! omg!!!!!!! sabi ko.,,,,, d ba may asawa na c f.o.b. ryt? tlaga sabi ko sa sarili ko wat's going on???? hindi ko gagawin to sa kaibigan ko na may asawa na. pero in my dream, wla sya'ng cnabe na may asawa na cya or girl friend or watever...... basta nag-holding hands pa daw kami. basta para'ng lahat ay instant na pangyayare. nung nag-mit kami bigla ki-niss nya na ako kaagad at ako din ganun din. di ko tlaga makalimutan kse ang tagal ko'ng natulog kagabi sooo that means matagal din kami magkasama sa dream ko na un. ewan ko n lang kung maniniwala kayo pwero 22o ung dream ko na un. doon pa nga daw kami sa may damuhan..... green ung mga dahon may mga talahib tapos nag-ho-holding hands daw kami at very,very sweet. grabe na tohhh. happy birthday to me. un lang. ./no1

onga pla, the whole tym na na22log ako nun..... nag-ho-holding hands daw kami. tpos pumapasok daw xya sa school. nka baggy jeans daw xya..... red, black and white ung suot nya. mostly red tpos nka long sleeves daw xya na para'ng fleece or basta long sleeve tpos baggy pants. he was looking at me daw. i mean, para'ng totoo ung tym na un sabi ko waw it's lyk just d both of us right naw. tpos grabe na toh....... pumasok daw xya sa skul tpos nwala xya ng mga ila'ng minutes. nagwawala daw ako at hinahanap ko sya. tpos hinanap daw nya ako. nung bigla daw kami nagkita sa talahiban nanaman. sabi ko wer u went??? san ka nagpunta ryt??? sabi nya,.... wla sa skul. hinahanap nga kita e. ayaw kita mawala sa tabi ko. sabi ko same here. di ako mapakali nung nwala ka. tpos non,..... basta we wer trying to cross over sa isa pa'ng field. kse nga nsa damuhan kame. may backpack pa daw xya na dala nun. oo red ung suot nya na sleeves na para'ng fleece pra xya'ng nautica na fleece tpos...... para'ng lang tpos un nga red, white, black pero mostly red ung shirt. grabehh na tohh tlaga. sabi ko sa sarili ko,..... why r we liking each other e kung may asawa na xya ryt???? gulo'ng gulo tlaga ung isipan ko non. ewan ko ba. di ko tlaga alam ung iisipin ko at dat tym pero i just went with the flow..... sabi ko watever u know. para'ng gus2 ko na din. kya pra'ng nung tym na un happy na happy ako kse kahit sa dream lang at panaginip,..... na magkasama kami ni CanAsian. hmmmm.......

pag gising ko grabe na tohh para ako'ng galing sa ufo. feeling ko kinidnap ako ng mga aliens at galing ako sa spaceship nila. ewan ko ba. feeling lang naman. feeling ko na-abduct ako ng mga aliens ng iba'ng planeta. hehehehehehehhehehehehe.............=P

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Freestyle Battle - Pajutes VS Yawzi

haiiii.... uhmmm, first and foremost i just wanna greet maself an early happy birthday to mee!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sampler Lil Konami

i love to break dance. that's all. check this video awt if u all love ta break dance. tyz.

family guy episode

family guy episode

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i watch family guy naw from tym to tym..... eversince i had my podcasts on ma iTunes. i have family guy stuffs here and there. i just started watching this cartoon just a few munts ago. i am all new 2 this whun. wakekek...!!!!! ./no1

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Monday, August 21, 2006

hayzz.... kakain lang muna aq......

yea' right now,... i am abawt 2 eat ma lumnch. yupzz..!!!!!! hehehe... lam nyu q'ng anu..???? uhmm,... kakainin ko is pansit malabon. kakain aq ng madame. feel q lang kasi kumain ng madami 4 today. wla.... lang. gus2 ko lang kumain ng madame. hayyy......;)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

nyahahahhaha..... mweee.......


hahh!!!! ayan c ung original na "jenrokMO" lolZ. nyahhahahhahhahhah!!!!!! wellpz,...... male character nya yan....... ac2ally,.... mahilig tlaga yan s gb. e2 ung pamatay ng gunbound.ph kya nga takot lhat ng gb players d2 kay jenrokmo na tohhh kse pamatay tlaga. sa itchura p lang pamatay nahh... khit mahihina p lang ung mga gamit nya sa gb,.... pmatay kaagad!!!!!!!!! mahilig sa aduka.... at magaling sa aduka 2 c jenrokmo. kulang n lang ung practice sa ss tlaga mahina kami sa ss...... hehehehehehhehehehhe.:P ang puro alam lang namin ay s1 at s2. Xyempre aq c jenrokmo ng gunbound.ph!!!!!!!! pwero,..... xyempre lalaki character q tohh kya medyo lalaki'ng lalaki ang dati'ng nya sa gunbound players. lagi nila tini-tease..... minsan inaaway...... minsan inaabuse,...... minsan cute na cute cla...... hhahhahahhahahha:))=)). e ung female character q......... lately d ko maxyado nagagamit kya e2 muna c jenrokmo. 2tal c jenrokmo din ang may ari ng blog na tohh...... this blog is dedicated 2 ol my friends, 2 jenrokmo, sa mga friends ni jenrokmo,..... at higit s lhat...... sa mga loveones nya. hehehhe.:P


kung maganda ba ung picture na tohh!!????? d ko xya kilala pwero post ko lang muna. heheheheh.;)

screenshots nmin nila passion, ni alvin and my other screenshots sa ro.....................

Friday, August 18, 2006

e2 lang muna ang masasabi ko......

chillawt muna ako sa lahat-lahat. alam nyo tlaga'ng ntamaan lang naman aq tlaga sa baby koo ngaun. mahal na mahal q na xya.... at wla'ng cno pa makakapagbago nun. mahal kita baby!!!!!! bakit ba gani2 q'ng cno pa ung mahal mo cya pa yung para'ng ayaw sayo. hindi ko nman cnabe na ayaw nya saken. ang cnasabe ko lang ay malau xya. di ko cya nakikita everyday. who knows maybe soulmate ko na sya. wellz,... eniweis..... ano... ma22log muna ako khit 2 hours lang for naw. after dat kakain ako ng madame. hahahhahha....:)) joke lang. xyempre konti lang kakainin ko today. anyways,..... bhala na nga.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

e2 na nga ehhh....

Command list: /h
HP/SP will not be restored when your weight is over 50%.
Attack speed is up.
Attack speed is up.
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : hellow po pwde magtanong
passion`babe : ano po
BIacksmith`Alvin : ano po un
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : saan mo nabili yan
Attack speed is down.
Attack speed is down.
passion`babe : alin po?
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ung hedgir mo
BIacksmith`Alvin : sino samin 2?
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ung bulaklak sa ulo
BIacksmith`Alvin : ah
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ayung babae
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : hehehhehe
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : xmpre babae ako e
passion`babe : sa baba baka meron
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ay saan nga ?
passion`babe : pero benta ko toh sayo
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : magkano yan ?
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : waw
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : cge
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ang ganda e
passion`babe : kano toh vin
passion`babe : may 2m ba
BIacksmith`Alvin : 1m+ yan dati eh
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : nyikes
BIacksmith`Alvin : mga ganun
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : mhal nman
passion`babe : bili ko toh 1.5 dati
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : i was thinking na mura lang yn kse pin lang nman e
BIacksmith`Alvin : la na kasi masyado nag bebenta niyan eh
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ohhhh
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : mahal nman nyan....
passion`babe : uu
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : 600k n lang
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : tlaga?
BIacksmith`Alvin : e di gumawa ka na lng
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ano ba twag dyan?
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ahhh
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ano ba ingrid?
BIacksmith`Alvin : flower hairpin
BIacksmith`Alvin : r.flower
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : icic
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : tpos...?
BIacksmith`Alvin : steels
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ohhhh
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : grabe
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : kya pla
passion`babe : uu
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : pwede benta mo n lang ng mura
passion`babe : plus zeny
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : grabee
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : saan ?
passion`babe : wla me r flower eh
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ano town ?
BIacksmith`Alvin : geffen ata
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ahhmmmm
passion`babe : gefn
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : cute mo
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : bagay kau
passion`babe : pag may r flower ka cge 500K
Geek Glasses is taken off.
Geek Glasses is put on.
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : hayz
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : babae k ba?
passion`babe : ket po
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ang cute tlaga e
passion`babe : sya>.>..>>>
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : aahh lam ko babae ka
BIacksmith`Alvin : girl po yan
BIacksmith`Alvin : IRL
passion`babe : bat mo sabe
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : kiss ko hed mo
passion`babe : opo girl meh
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : danda tlaga nung hair pin
passion`babe : tenchu
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : bagay na bagay sa u.
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : sna meyon dn aq nyan
passion`babe : tenchu
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : pra sa priest ko sna e
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : or sa archer ko
passion`babe : buy ka na lng r flower
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : hindi pra s rouge
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : tpos
passion`babe : may 900k pa ata sa baba
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : geffen ?
passion`babe : tpos bili ka steel o hant ka
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ilan steel
passion`babe : tapos sa geffen
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : meron ako steel e
passion`babe : 10 ata
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ahh dun ba sa city ng geffen ?
passion`babe : di me sure po kung ilan
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : 10k lang ?
passion`babe : uu
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : hehehheheh
BIacksmith`Alvin : 10 pcs steels
passion`babe : sa kaliwa npc
passion`babe : lapt sa weapon
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ang cute mo
passion`babe : tenchu
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : makaalis n nga
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : bka naiis2rbo e
passion`babe : di po
(BIacksmith`Alvin) cannot register friends any more.
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ahhh
(passion`babe) cannot register friends any more.
BIacksmith`Alvin : puno na
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : cge
passion`babe : sowee ful po
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : kwen2han lang muna....
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ano ba 2pic ?
passion`babe : kk
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ahhahhhaha
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ahihihi
passion`babe : kano bili gamit
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : gus2 ko nyan e
passion`babe : hanap ka po r flowers na lng
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : o tpos
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ahhh
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : hmmm
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : add nyokohhh
passion`babe : para di ka mahirapan
passion`babe : w8
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : hm k
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ssss
passion`babe : kk
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : tehehhehe
BIacksmith`Alvin : au
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : tenchu
BIacksmith`Alvin : OL si jonats
passion`babe : po
passion`babe : waaaaaaaaa
passion`babe : ano sabe
BIacksmith`Alvin : pm mo forger niya
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : bf mo ba yan?
passion`babe : di po apo ko
(BIacksmith`Alvin) cannot register friends any more.
(passion`babe) is your friend now.
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : yeyy....
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : alvin come on
passion`babe : ano name ni jonatz
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : kakainis nman e
BIacksmith`Alvin : .Einsteinium.
BIacksmith`Alvin : w8 lng]
passion`babe : k
BIacksmith`Alvin : delete lng ako
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : psst teka
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ukie
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : teka lang
BIacksmith`Alvin : oki na
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : mag gf bf ba kau ?
C:\Program Files\Gravity\RagnarokOnline\ScreenShot\screenChaos200.jpg is Saved.
BIacksmith`Alvin : hindi
C:\Program Files\Gravity\RagnarokOnline\ScreenShot\screenChaos201.jpg is Saved.
C:\Program Files\Gravity\RagnarokOnline\ScreenShot\screenChaos202.jpg is Saved.
C:\Program Files\Gravity\RagnarokOnline\ScreenShot\screenChaos203.jpg is Saved.
passion`babe : mali ata spell
(BIacksmith`Alvin) is your friend now.
passion`babe : no char daw
BIacksmith`Alvin : .Einsteinium.
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ahhh
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : magasawa sa ro?
passion`babe : di po
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : gus2 ko na magasawa sa ro e
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : may kakilala ba kau gus2 makipagasawa sa rouge?
passion`babe : wla pa kayo asawa date
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : cute....
passion`babe : kaw kaya
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : hah?
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ende i mean... asawa sa ro....????
passion`babe : di ask ko merchi kung like nya
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : cno un
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ?
passion`babe : wla pa kayo sawa nun pa
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : huh?
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : babae ako e
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : so gus2 ko mapangasawa sa ro is lalake
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : hayz
passion`babe : ic
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : babae character ko....
passion`babe : sya. tanong mo >>>>
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : okie... basta asawa...
passion`babe : eh anak
passion`babe : hanap kayao
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : sexy c passion...
passion`babe : di naman poh
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : :S
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : hahhahahha
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : come on
passion`babe : true po
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : aminin.....
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : a okie.
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : kitamm..
passion`babe : ket po
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : wla lang
passion`babe : k
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : bka kac naiis2rbo ko kyo e?
passion`babe : eto wafu>>>>
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : waw...
BIacksmith`Alvin : waa
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : tlaga?
BIacksmith`Alvin : fanet ako
BIacksmith`Alvin : d ako wafu
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : friendster nman dyan
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : hahhahaha
BIacksmith`Alvin : d ako wafu
passion`babe : di nga
BIacksmith`Alvin : waa
BIacksmith`Alvin : fanet ako
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : friendster
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : pakita
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : hahahahha
BIacksmith`Alvin : wala po ako firendster eh
passion`babe : wla lng fwendster
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : hayz
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : o cge alis muna me
BIacksmith`Alvin : ggalit asawa ko
passion`babe : asan fwends mo po
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : balik ako after 10 minutes
passion`babe : ok
BIacksmith`Alvin : oki
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : ei may friendster me e
passion`babe : bb
!!!_^*Rogue^*_G@L_!!! : waw...

long story short,... i was walkin' from westside midprontera (capitol of d rune midgard) kafra side... then i saw these 2. dey bcame ma friends dat day. eniwiez, ciao. l8er... aligator.!!!!!!!;)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

my ragnarok priest.....

kung ok n ba to... ang tnong kohh..!!!???? wellz,.... wla lang aq mgawa i just remembered ma picz in ragnarok kya e2 nagpopost nnman ng mga pictures..... lolz..... Maganda ba ang priest ko...!!!??????

samplez lang yhn. mdami p q pic. hehhehe.;)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


yez u did went out with ma friend mo back in da days. i remembered her telling me that.,... and wenever u guys r onto some arguments i am suppose to be in da middle of it. u cry to me telling me how monnida is dissing u.. and that she does not love u da way that u love her. come on naw.!!!!!! monnida is hot man!!!!!! many guys drool over her. even i doooo and ima girl lol. come on naw rok wake up ur girl is all that. it is all worth it. if eva,... u needed 2 kneel infront of her or wateva and aint nobody really diservs her. she is way too good for anybody. i did allowed u guys to see each other coz' i noticed that u guys wer havin' these real feelins for each other. man,... it was just that mo is a real, good close friend of myn. me and mo r asian.,,... u know. we r picky lyk that. i am sorry if things went wrong between u and her.... but i know that u guys did loved each other even for a very short tym. wen did u guys broke up.?????;)

wellz,.... until yea' i remember us still skatin' to ur long board lol. it was night tym we wer at queens in ur hood. sorry,.... during those days i relly didn't lyk to hang-out in queens. man,.... during those tym i was living in the city. i was all getting bored listening to ur sad, sad s2ries how u have prolems with mo. i did listened tho'. man,.... at that tym i really did wished i can help u. anywaise,.... i was goin' out with ma boy back then. no nid 2 tell his name. i had a bf at tha tym and i was really mad serious with him and u know that i love him alot that's y i really can't be with anybody else. i never had a crush on u rok. pls respect that. :p i just wish tho',.... that until now that u r friends with mo.,... but i doubt it coz' tha last tym i saw her she was dating somebody else. bhut whu knows u know,.... maybe u went back out 2gether. well,.... eniweis,... u can get any girl dawg. go do ur thing. lol.:)


hindi lang naman ang reason kung bakit i wanna hear floetics. i wanna hear der voice. hahha. gus2 ko malaman kung meron nga cla binatbat..., e cguro nman d cla titirahin ng iba'ng tao q'ng wla dn cla cnabe,... i was thinkin' na meron. ohh,,,.... un ang sa tingin ko.

honga pla,.... ngaun nakikinig ako kela Makata. wellz,.... produce daw cla ng whun of ma friends. ewan ko,.... un ung sabi nya e. eniweis,.... i believe him,... he gave me d url to it eh.. hheh.;)

Haaayyyzzzz,,..... oh well,.... nga pla talkin' bout me, rok and mo. i miss u guys soo much. i am not tryin' to kiss some ass guys u know how we do back in da days. man,,.... i am shure u guys mizz meh do not even lie about it dawgz. hehehehhehehe. Monnida,.... i miss seeing u naked. lol. i don't know about rok honestly i have not seen him naked. i will never try 2 get with rok man,..... me and rok wer just plainly friends lol. ma man,... rok,... we got a lil secret somethin'somethin'. yez, ok i admit,... rok did wanna get with me b4 bhut i turned him down many, many tyms. hell nah,,... i will never get with rok. he did flashed me his thing tho'. lol. yoooo,... not that i was really looking at it. it was lyk 10 seconds or watnot. man,.... it is just that i will neva 4get that man. i thought we was friends rok. man,.... give some respect to ur friends lol. i know u did get with monnida. mo,.... i knew that u could doo soo much better than that. y of all people u would go out with rok.????? i mean,,..... girl.,,.... come on naw. rok iz our friend. aiighht???? i neva did went that way. lollz. ohh,,... but yea' i did remembered,... i did introduced u to daniel. me and u went out with daniel. that was mad funny. ohh well,......;)

i played ro. i went to sleep last night man. i went to sleep coz' of a reason. man,.... i just wanna take a little rest with it all. ok,..???? do not ask meh why. peepol,... wen i rest and take sleep or naps or watever..,, i rest ok.???? give some space to my own peace ok????? aiight,... wla n ko masabe. later n lang ulet.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

ahhh i remember naw.....

e2 nga pla ang reazon..... i remember naw.... kse vry 1st tym p lang na narinig ko ung pangalan na pwetikz..,,... i was lyk i knew it was a group kse nga s kanta obvious nman cguro nga na grupo cla. un nga,.... i was curious coz' i wanted 2 hear how they flow.... wt type of rap they rap wtever.... nyweis,.... wheew....;)

kakakain q lang ng breakfast. ang srap nga e.,,, d nman maxyado kse konti lang ung knain ko 2day.... ;( iba n tlaga nagdadiet hehehhehe. kta ko na qng cno c oglax. hehehhehe. may itchura dn pla. mga bata p pla ang floetics. pra clang mga teen-agers. wakekekk...... e well,... cguro 2 of dem r lyk in der 20's kya nga.,,,, i was not lyk looking at dem in another way or wteva. i have a crush on some othr rapper.,,, kilala nya na q'ng cno xya. mdami nman ako crush ehhh... kya nga,... does it matter. hhahhahha.:)) hayz,.... nga pla kanina nungnag-ro ako.,,, ok nga na-mit ko cla passion and cla ewan hehheh. cute nga eh... hayz,..... picture ko???? tchaka na un.!!!!!!!!! hehhehe..... chaka na un....... hayz.,.... wla n ko masabe.


i jst watched 1 of dm vid d othr day. k-battlez nya pla c enzo kya un nga checkawt ko cla kse nsbe nga s knta nila enzo na tinitira nila ang floetics or so kgalet nila wtever dba kya i checked awt floetics naintriga lng ako. hayz,.... bkit nman...???? la lang,.... tlagang naintriga lng ako d very 1st tym na na-mention ung name nila ni enzo sa songs nila enzo.... un tlaga'ng pra'ng i really wna hear dem. kya nga.,.... at first honestly akala ko ang name nila ay pwetikz or somthn' lyk dht un pla nde..... Floetics pla. kya,.... i liztend 2 dem ysterday mornin' and then just a whyle agooo...... nw ima checkin'awt ma othr friend.,,, whu elze kundi c *** wag na alamin. hehehheeheh.....;)

knina,... hayz...... ro ako knina. wat nman ang cool nman.... nag-chat aq konte... daz abawtz allz. hehheheh. hayz,.... alis n kya ako. post n lang aq ulit mmya. k.,.... pz'!!!!!!!!;) lv yahz!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


cyute kse ung isa s knila kya pnost ko to,.... un nga ung vid nila. wawww...... ung una na kumanta sa kilabotngkali..... sa kanta nila na "Gusto KITa". eniweis,.... xympre d maiiwasan.... un.... humahanga lang nman.... hahhahahahaha :))

ung 1st verse:
hindi ko na alam kung ito ay mali
habang ako dito sayo iniisang tabeh
ang pag-ibig kong hirap, pagod at hikahos
isinisigaw pangalan mo kya ako paos....

un ung kumanta nung verse n yun. tatlo kase cla e.:)
Gusto KITa Remix www.soundclick.com/kilabotngkali

i have been listening to this lately.;)

hayz,,.... ok here's a lil s2ry......

yez my real name iz jen. that's how far i can tell. jenrokmo means, jen is me, rok is ma other black friend whu i used to chill with back in da days, and mo- stands for ma othr schoolm8 monnida. she is from Thailand,.... so that makes her a thailander. aiight.,wellz,..... so that's a little s2ry that i could tell about ma nick ryt now i am using "jenrokmo". we all wer friends back then wen i still used to live in new york,..... nyc that is. wellz, right now i am in Asia.,...... phils...... so,... i mean, it's mad far here right now. far from that playce, new york.


yez, i rok more!!!!!! more than anybody!!!!!!! bwahhahhahahhahaha........ i was bout 2 go online last night wen i realized that i don't ghot anymore load sa ragnarok ko kya d na lang aq nag-online,.... nag-offline n lang aq and coz' i was feelin' lonely and i just wanted 2 be alone for a while and just get some sleep. soo,, un nga last night,,.... i didn't chat or played ro or any online games that i really usually do..... yea',.... i just did went 2 sleep. lol......... ;)

wahhh...... xympre gus2 ko mag-ro kse un lang nman ang tlaga'ng nilalaro ko and gunbound. mganda nman kse mag-ragnarok. ok,,.... anywaise..........

i met rok back in da days.... he chased me all over d playce he did met me almost everywer downtown l.e.s. in ny back in da days and he did told me that he was hollering at meh be4 bhut wuzn't giving him d attention coz' i was bz mingling with ma friends. then one day,.... i think i was alone back then,.... i went to bar16 then left a few minutes after and went to spoons.... it's a bar wer skaters hang-out and i found him there and he actually made a move in talking to me. i was lyk, yoooo i am real sorry if u wer trying to talk to me before that i didn't even know coz' i didn't even hear u callin' me and stuff ya' know........ he told meh that he was tryin' to talk to me before but i didn't bother talking to him. ang reason is,.... hindi ko nga sya narineg. i told him naman na hindi ko nga sya narineg. tnatwag nya pla ako nun tym na un b4 nsa spoons din ako. wellz, anyway,.... sabi nya i see u all da tym here downtown and everything..... blablabla,,...... u know. as i remember,..... there wer many kids there that night.... and i was even like standing there.... i was thinkin' of getting a drink.... bla bla blahhh..... then i told him would u lyk to go with me to bar16 blablabla.... so after a whyle we wer talkin' about skateboarding coz' he was also a skater slash a hacker..... he was always telling me that yea' i am a skater and slash a hacker. i'm a hacker yoooo!!!!!!! i don't care if i tell anybody!!!!!!!!!! anyway, that was back in 1995 or 1996. afta a whyle,.... i did introduced him to ma skulm8 mo,.... monnida and we all hang-out 2gether all tha tym from tym to tym ya' know. we eat out,.... and stuff lyk that.,,, hang-out by d cube or watever, eat dinner 2gether,... well,... mahilig ako sa food kya i will never 4get that. i like 2 eat out and stuff. we go drinking from tym 2 tym,.... watch mtv at mo's house etc. i sk8 with rok sometyms. well,.... most of da tym i skate by myself. tha reason is,..... coz' nobody is worth skating with because during those tyms and years nobody really skates with me except for my korean friend jong.... whu is into aliens and all that crap ya' know. jong is not always arawnd to skate with...... so i end up skateboarding by maself during those days. well,.... all i do is hangout at 14th street and watch other ppl sk8 there and just stay there until da break of dawn. that's if and wen i am not doing anything else. some saturdays i do that. i go there by myself..... and chill, sit down and watch other skaters skate. there's a barnes and noble at da side and mc donalds. sooo,... it's all good if i wanna use da bathroom i just go to mc donalds and do it. waw,..... i remember even that night i bought my nike's. wellz, anyways.,,,,, i had nike's b4 to skate with. hahhhahha. it was new too. i tried it out right there infront of peepols. this other dude was lyk,... y did u wear ur new shoes. i was lyk.,,,, wellz coz' i wanted 2 try them out so that i could skate. duh,.... hehehhehehe...;)

wellz, rok works in manhattan,.... and lives in queens bhut he had told meh b4 he had arguments with his moms and moved to live at his job in nyc. waw!!!!!!!! he was lucky!!!!!!!! mo lives uptown nyc and i did too lived in hells kitchen nyc. sooo, me and monnida oficially lives in manhattan during that tym. rok moves from playce to playce. sometyms he lives in manhattan, sometyms in queens. jenrokmo.,,,, lol. i wish i had a picture of us three. i remembered eating dinner with them b4 and we ate spaghetti and meatballs, well atleast i ate that that night and there was many food left we couldn't eat them all sooo i told d ppls to packit up for us soo that i could bring it home. wellz, it was mad breezy that night,... it was soo chilling that night it was soo cold.... it was lyk 20 degrees farenheit outside and lyk breezy ya' know. i ended up throwing the meetballs on the street and rolled it on manhattan street lyk it was some bowling ball.................. everybody was cracking up. i think i was even sober that tym or we had had some drink of heini's ya' know. boy, i was crackin' up. mo and rok was too. i was bad. wellz, i think peepols wer watchin' too on the street i don't know. lol....... wellz, that was mad early mornin'. tha afterhours. we had just came from a bar. mann,,,, we wer just really bored that saturday night. we would not not be hanging out 2gether those days man. we wer always hanging out 2gether.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


d2 n lang muna ako popost. meron ako other payge d2 kaso yoko muna sumulat dhun ng kahit ano. eniweis.,..... mas ok na to kse here ma name is revealed e dun e di ko nman tlaga nilagay ang name ko. eniweis.,,, real name ko nman. i love my name. kse at tyms i don't have 2 think of any nickname or watevr sooo i just choose my own real name instead. anywho,... ano ba nangyare ngayon????

wla lang,.... as usual ganun pa din ka2lad ng dati wla pa dn pnagbago. aus nman 2day. i just found out abawt a video... un nga ung pnost ko. ok naman 1st tym ko plang cla nakita in my entire life sa youtube nga lang kse it's a vid u know. anywho,...... i don't know them in real life. hahhahaha. of course not. kya nga lang,.... xympre search ko cla. thn,.... i found ther payge. ok nman,....... dba maganda nman ung vid. nila. xympre iba p dn ung fav ko..hhhahhaha. lam nya na kng cno xya. anywaise, lv u baby.

wla ako'ng maicep na isulat kya pagtyagaan muna to. wla kase ako'ng idea. cguro kung may topic ako aus. syang,..... d ko muna pwede isulat ung mga nangyare for d past few days kse..... it'z lyk dis d naman lhat ng s2ries kailangan isulat pa sa papel or watever.... Or do u have to write d words as it is. hindi naman dba.???? kya nga maganda sometyms i just listen to music para u don't have to listen to tha whole s2ry by somebody else tellin' it. wawww..... kya nga i listen 2 rap songs e.... kse it makes soo much sense....... hindi ka2lad ng iba'ng songs na wla'ng kalatuy latuy. ;)

ei. check dhiz out.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006