wElCoMe 2 mHy bLoGgEr!!!!

hAi. dAiS bEh mAh pAyGe. i hOpE u aLl lYk aIt. cUz' u kNoW wAt!???? i lYk yOu!!!!:) hEhEhEhE.....:))=)) hAr hAr....

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


yez u did went out with ma friend mo back in da days. i remembered her telling me that.,... and wenever u guys r onto some arguments i am suppose to be in da middle of it. u cry to me telling me how monnida is dissing u.. and that she does not love u da way that u love her. come on naw.!!!!!! monnida is hot man!!!!!! many guys drool over her. even i doooo and ima girl lol. come on naw rok wake up ur girl is all that. it is all worth it. if eva,... u needed 2 kneel infront of her or wateva and aint nobody really diservs her. she is way too good for anybody. i did allowed u guys to see each other coz' i noticed that u guys wer havin' these real feelins for each other. man,... it was just that mo is a real, good close friend of myn. me and mo r asian.,,... u know. we r picky lyk that. i am sorry if things went wrong between u and her.... but i know that u guys did loved each other even for a very short tym. wen did u guys broke up.?????;)

wellz,.... until yea' i remember us still skatin' to ur long board lol. it was night tym we wer at queens in ur hood. sorry,.... during those days i relly didn't lyk to hang-out in queens. man,.... during those tym i was living in the city. i was all getting bored listening to ur sad, sad s2ries how u have prolems with mo. i did listened tho'. man,.... at that tym i really did wished i can help u. anywaise,.... i was goin' out with ma boy back then. no nid 2 tell his name. i had a bf at tha tym and i was really mad serious with him and u know that i love him alot that's y i really can't be with anybody else. i never had a crush on u rok. pls respect that. :p i just wish tho',.... that until now that u r friends with mo.,... but i doubt it coz' tha last tym i saw her she was dating somebody else. bhut whu knows u know,.... maybe u went back out 2gether. well,.... eniweis,... u can get any girl dawg. go do ur thing. lol.:)

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