wElCoMe 2 mHy bLoGgEr!!!!

hAi. dAiS bEh mAh pAyGe. i hOpE u aLl lYk aIt. cUz' u kNoW wAt!???? i lYk yOu!!!!:) hEhEhEhE.....:))=)) hAr hAr....

Friday, November 24, 2006

Sampler Lil Konami

lololol.... thanks to lil konami whu made dis. *mUwAh*

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006

truth is sincere

wen i woke up one morning i said to maself how can i fall inlove with a girl such as urself this wasnt part of the plan u and i holding hands wel i gues im satisfied with my newfound romance wen wer together it couldnt get any betteras my feelings grow within girl it just gets deeper i hope it stays forever baby girl u and i no matter wat d situation is for u i will try
everytym i look at d stars everytym i look at d sky i always ask maself why
chorus: girl u r d one look into my life baby cant u c that ur the one for me ur d one i want never leave my side baby now i no that wer meant to be
one to three four u know my baby girl that i will never ask for more soo seize the day acros the memory lane coz my life without u will never be d same this aint no game coz ive been wishing and dreaming about u u know that i love u no lies baby thats the truth i hope u understand baby no nid to ask me why il be loving u forever until d day i die(rep chorus)
wenever u nid me il always be there the love that we share i will always take care il always remember d love that we have for each other the love u have for me forever i will treasure(rep chorus)
ohhh yehhh....ohhh ohhhh.....

"get away" (remix) - by sincere: solo produce by Carl aka M.Cee

"get away" (remix) - by sincere: solo produce by Carl aka M.Cee
[1st verse]from the start... you were in my heart... baby gurl why did we drift apart? I wish it was so simple... like wishing... upon a star... now did you know I loved you so... it's hard for me... to see you go everytime I look at you... everytime I talk to you... it feels like there's tomorrow
I hope this stays forever... gurl... you and I together in my dreams... it's always you... that... I try to picture and... I will always treasure... the times that we had you're the one who made me smile... in the times I was sad but now it's too bad... cuz I have to say good bye it's so hard for me to say this... when there's tears in my eyes but at least I tried... gurl... to show you how I feel believe me when I say... that my love for you is real
[2nd verse]baby gurl i'm missin you... baby gurl i'm luvin you... nowbaby gurl i'm trustin you... baby gurl you make me proud baby gurl never leave my side... I promise you... it's alright baby gurl you're the reason... cuz you changed my marowhole life... now take a chance... first romance... never let go... and hold my hand i'll treat you right... it's alright... cuz i'm a man... who understands I dream about your kiss... coz you're the one I can't resist you are always in my heart... and that's the ways it is [3rd verse]spending time with you gurl... it feels like heaven you're always in my thoughts like 24/7 everytime I see your smile... everytime you cheer me up... now everytime you make me laugh... everytime you make me sad... now you're the one I really want... you're the one I truly love... now you're the one to ease da pain you're the one im dreamin of I wanna hold you... kiss you girl... don't you have a clue the only words I wanna say to you is I LOVE YOU

hmmm.... wala talaga e....

hmmm,.... wala talaga ehh!!!! wla pa ung ano,.... ayaw pa e! yhung ano,.... ung.... sa blogger. di p ko makapag-post ng iba'ng videos d2 kac ayaw pa ng beta version. ano ba? kakainis na ha..??? o ano....? hmmm..... cge n nga, try ko n lang ulet mmya.;)

hindi ba maxyado'ng makapal toh? e2'ng mga letters na to? hindi yan.... hehehehehehe.:P cgurado ka ha? hehhehhehhehheh.

Ang landi mu!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

d big letters....

hah. well, check awt d big letters....;) haha.... i miss my tommy. tom, that is.

i can't post videos....

LoL, wat d heck mayne i can't post v*de*sx!!! that sux.... d beta version won't allow me. i think blogger haven't fiexed that yet. o well. ima be bacc later. pz.^^


hai. u guys wanna check awt ma friendster. here is my friendster. yall can add me if u want. heheh. na, i'm jk.


i can't post frum uchube coz' i just changed mynes to beta version. hmm,... haw and wat should i do? haw do i post frum utube to beta version ov blogger? anywai,.... i wanna post a video lol. hehehhe..... =P

Sunday, November 12, 2006

What Do You See?

hey. check this awt. this be cool mayne.=)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

lonelygirl15 confesses!


ei.... this be my old cell phone.;)
Time Machine-A Million and One Things To Do

i love time machine. (taym mashine, dat is.)
柴犬 Japanese midget Shiba

hehehe. a cute ng mga aso.=P
Barenaked Ladies - A Time For Reflection Part 2


Friday, November 10, 2006

Time Machine-A Million and One Things To Do

hey.... pretty cool stuff.:P

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Crystal Waters - Relax


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

tom is sooo phunky!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE U TOM!!!!!! i think u should know this by naw. don't worry..... b4 i die at least u did knew that eventho' that i was on ur site that i did loved u. bwahhhahha........ eniweis....... I really do love u Tom!^^ *wEnks*

wellz,.... lyk wa i said b4 i write in english sometyms so that other ppls can relate to me and understand me. i sometyms write in tagalog wen i am really lonely and i don't want other peeps to understand wat iam saying. it takes tym to write in english too man coz' i am more used to talking and speeking in my language-tagalog.^^ i talk in tagalog wenever man it's fun talking in tagalog coz' just coz'...........:)

i am not going to write anything s2pid anymore. just coz' i really don't want to. i wanna write something nice this tym. ok lata i have to do my thing naw. i really do not know what to write ryt naw. sorry man. i did listened to jaybus last night tho' u guys should check it awt. here's his site:
pretty cool stuff. i was listening to d his song "so horny". aiight pz later people.