wElCoMe 2 mHy bLoGgEr!!!!

hAi. dAiS bEh mAh pAyGe. i hOpE u aLl lYk aIt. cUz' u kNoW wAt!???? i lYk yOu!!!!:) hEhEhEhE.....:))=)) hAr hAr....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

tom is sooo phunky!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE U TOM!!!!!! i think u should know this by naw. don't worry..... b4 i die at least u did knew that eventho' that i was on ur site that i did loved u. bwahhhahha........ eniweis....... I really do love u Tom!^^ *wEnks*

wellz,.... lyk wa i said b4 i write in english sometyms so that other ppls can relate to me and understand me. i sometyms write in tagalog wen i am really lonely and i don't want other peeps to understand wat iam saying. it takes tym to write in english too man coz' i am more used to talking and speeking in my language-tagalog.^^ i talk in tagalog wenever man it's fun talking in tagalog coz' just coz'...........:)

i am not going to write anything s2pid anymore. just coz' i really don't want to. i wanna write something nice this tym. ok lata i have to do my thing naw. i really do not know what to write ryt naw. sorry man. i did listened to jaybus last night tho' u guys should check it awt. here's his site:
pretty cool stuff. i was listening to d his song "so horny". aiight pz later people.

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